Entrepreneur, Speaker, Sales Trainer

Angel Pomales was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico on July 27th, 1970. His parents are Angel L.  Pomales and Isolina Cay Lopez both from the town of Juncos, Puerto Rico.

From an early age, Angel was exposed to the world of business and entrepreneurship. His grandfather on his mother’s side, Aurelio Cay, was the owner of one of the most profitable and respected business in the town of Juncos, Puerto Rico.

His grandmother on his Dad’s side, Genoveva Torres, was also a very successful business entrepreneur who owned “Bar Pomales”, which was located in the town of Juncos, Puerto Rico. It was a gathering place like no other and still exists today.

One of Angel’s major influences in the world of business and sales was a gentleman by the name Ruben Gonzales. He was his first mentor and boss. When he was 16 years old, he told his mother that he was going into town to look for a job. His Mom and Dad had divorced and money was scarce.

Angel started working for Mr. Gonzales in the back of the store doing inventory. Within a few days, he was promoted to sales selling high end men’s apparel and quickly became a top salesman. Mr. Gonzales not only taught Angel the fundamentals of sales, but also how to treat customers with the outmost respect while providing the best customer service. Angel quickly realized that sales and good customer service was the life blood of any company. This started him on a journey to become one of the world’s greatest salesman.

Angel has had an extensive career in sales and has helped numerous companies achieve record breaking years. He also served 22 years in the Navy and retired as Navy Chief. Recently, he played a key role in launching a new company in the medical equipment field with former NBA star Jonathan Bender. He also achieved the top sales position with one of the largest companies in the world, which exceeds over 18 billion dollars annually and employs nearly 60,000 people.

Today, Angel Pomales has been mentoring under some of the top industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the country and is currently an executive leader in a company that is projected to hit over $800 million this year and has earned over $7 billion since its inception in 1992.


He now not only has financial freedom, but is learning to have time freedom and devotes his life to helping others gain the tools and opportunity necessary to gain financial independence. Angel is dedicated to several charities, which find real solutions to monumental problems that interfere with daily, worldwide issues. Out of all of his achievements, his biggest success is being a man of faith and being a loving husband to his wife Maribel, and a proud father to his children Alexander and Nathalie.

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Entrepreneur, Investor, TV Personality

Dan Vega is an American entrepreneur, speaker, business coach, talk show host, producer and investor. Starting his first business at 19, he has written and spoken in the field of business for over 25 years and has been hailed as America’s #1 Results Guy. He has achieved extreme success in several careers including sales, marketing, management, corporate restructuring and consulting. He understands the business world from top to bottom and has helped many companies to become profitable, multi-million dollar enterprises.

Dan was also considered a top expert in assisting companies to secure funding. He has been connected with as many as 400 Private Equity Investors, Institutional Investors, Venture Capital Groups, and Angel Investors. He now holds ownership in several successful companies and is personally invested in several spaces in the market. Some of these include film & television, technology, health, environmental, spirits, art, and fashion. Dan is also one of the co-founders of a book publishing company with a dozen best-selling authors.

Dan has coached everyone from celebrities to some of the top companies found in Forbes Magazine. He specializes in helping existing companies maximize their profits while reducing their costs and overhead. Although Dan is recognized as one of the top motivational speakers today, he does not claim to be a self-help coach or the next great motivational guru. He recognizes the need for self-improvement and positive thinking; however, believes that motivation alone will not achieve financial success. His belief is that any business problem and most life problems can be solved through proper math and hard variables.

He started his television journey a few years ago as the producer and host of Tuesdays With Dan, a late night business talk show that reached just over 1 million homes per week on ABC. The show’s popularity quickly made it one of America’s fastest growing talk shows. It was filmed in front of a live studio audience and featured weekly guests, including entrepreneurs and top celebrities. Today, it is airing under the new name The Dan Vega Show, which has expanded to over 35 million homes per week.

Miriam B. Fussell

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Expert

Miriam B. Fussell was born in Yurimaguas, Peru. She is married to Terry Fussell and has a wonderful and beautiful daughter Mayte. As a seasoned professional real estate agent, and with over six years of experience, Miriam recognize the value and trust all customers place over her. She is a well-regarded realtor agent and as a fluent English/Spanish language speaker she is an exceptional asset to her sales team. Miriam has sold over 60 million dollars in local residential property sales by working with the two leading and most regarded local real estate agencies in the Pensacola, Florida area.

Miriam’s is a very business minded person who constantly strives to achieve personal goals for her and her family. By acquiring an extensive knowledge in the real estate market business, Miriam has been able to invest her time in buying and selling homes. She has mastered the art of negotiating complex and almost impossible real estate transactions. Miriam’s busy scheduled includes the overall oversight of researching properties, the projection of future investment projections and the proper managing of contractors and home remodeling for future investment properties.

In 2010 since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, Miriam has helped over 700 families by providing information and instruction on the laws and its regulations that provides medical coverage to those who qualified by government standards and by developing the right plan for those who need the right medical coverage either for sole insurance plan coverage or their families.

At an early age, she was exposed to the world of business by her beloved father.  Miriam’s Dad was a very successful entrepreneur who had a large network of other businessmen and woman entrepreneurs who produced merchandise in an expanding market in or around the city of Yurimaguas. Her Dad had a business niche at the time, were he had access to the hottest and more demanding products of the season. For example, if bananas were the hot commodity of the season, he would have a large and vast network of an exchanging market in different cities, thus in return bringing profits for all involved in the chain market and supply of goods. He will also bring other goods like poultry and meats to other cities, using the same networking model that made him so successful. By learning from her father about business at an early age, Miriam learned what it takes to be a very successful entrepreneur.

Fast forward into the future at age 16, Miriam moved to Europe, only to encounter a different culture and language to be learned, but it helps shape her future. She had the opportunity to visit many European countries and lived in Sweden for many years. Miriam has been blessed to have learn and experience so many other cultures at an early age in her life.


Miriam’s desire to help others in her community had led her to be part of the Nationally recognized IMPACT 100 women’s charity organization, which is a group of women who served together to help other women in their communities. Up to date, IMPACT 100 organization has gathered over 80 million dollars in donations and contributions which has helped many communities around the country. But Miriam dedication and inspiration does not stop there, she is also an ambassador to her native Peru. She has help saved countless lives by providing monetary funds and medication much needed for those who are unfortunate to afford medication or medical care.