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The American Dream!

The American dream is inside all of us, is what you can make out of yourself to make a change for you and for your country. That is what the American dream is. I often hear the American dream is dead. Well, I got news for you, the American dream is very well alive!, When I hear the American dream is dead, or is not real, or is not what it used to be, I said to myself; Look at all those buildings in New York, or Los Angeles, or Boston, look at our major highways, look at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco which is 1.7 miles long, declared by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the “Wonders of the Modern World”, look at all the Baseball stadiums across the country, NFL Stadiums, NBA Centers, what about the new electric cars like Tesla or Lucid, or the new spaceship program called Space-X by successful entrepreneur Elon Musk. The American dream built that. And it keeps on building more of them. What is going on with the American Dream is that people needs to change with time. I explain, we tend to stay focus on what the main stream media tells us all the time, advertisement commercials on TV, Radio, Internet, billboards and we don’t focus in things that really matter for our own good. The media and advertisement campaigns all have contributed to funnel people in other directions, and that is what makes people fall out of their dreams. For example; you wake-up in the morning, brush your teeth, drink a cup of coffee, turn your computer on to check the news for 5 minutes before you start working on your new business venture. But, while looking at the news, you look at your watch and now has been 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 30 minutes. You already waisted over 25 minutes of high value time that could have been devoted to new ideas that would probably could have change your life and the American dream could have been closer than you ever imagine. I can go on and on with examples, but the case I want to bring today is, we have far too many distractors in our lives, and we need to manage them. If Teachers can teach a class in this topic in the future, I guaranteed we will have more American Dreams been accomplish, and more people will really believe the American dream still alive.

So, how to manage to stay focus on your goals to reach the American dream? Once you have your idea, stay focus by building an “ACTION” plan. Network with other professionals in the field. Build alliances that can some way shape or form help with your plan or business venture. Look at internet blogs and other ways to find out similar interests. Read about highly successful entrepreneurs (not necessary in the area you want to work), and the reason for that is because the more you learn about other different entrepreneurs, the more you understand the factors that determine their success in their particular business. One of my favorite ways to learn about highly successful people is by reading books. Also, researching the internet. Additionally, find out who is that game changer that lives closed by, and try to connect with them, so you can ask them how they do it, yes, this method will definitely take you out of your comfort zone and into the real world on trying to get to your American Dream. With that said, I wish you the best, don’t ever give up, don’t let people tell you the American Dream is dead, it’s always up to you to make things happen, because nobody else will make things happen for you, take action Now!