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Proud to be Hispanic

I remember my abuelita (Grandmother) telling me to eat all my food at dinner time, because when I do so, I was going to get a treat. Usually a handmade sweet, maybe made with coconut and brown sugars, or maybe a real homemade caramel candy, or maybe just maybe, a real sugar cane stick. I love those days growing up in Puerto

Rico, back in the 70’s and 80’s. I remember watching “El Chavo del Ocho” a family comedy television show made

in Mexico, which I watched every single day of my life when I was a kid. They made around 270 episodes which

are still re-running now a day on Television channels across the United States, Latin America, and around the

World. Or what about Telenovelas, you get stuck on front of the Television like glue, and can’t wait until the next

episode to air because the last chapter always ends in suspense. Our History as Latinos and Hispanics has been like a Telenovela through the years. Ever since Christopher Columbus landed in North America, Central America, South

America and the Caribbean. I always said, what would have happened, if Christopher Columbus never landed in our

shores? What if another great nation at those times like Russia or the Chinese Empire had landed first? What would

our ancestry have been like then? History would have been a lot different for sure. I believe all the stars line up

correctly for us to be called Hispanic and Latinos. I feel so proud every day of my heritage and my history and the

history that got me here.

See, we have one of the most diverse cultures in the world, we have blood from basically all parts of the

world, and that makes us unique. When we gather for family events is a bond like no other, we can feel the love for one another, we can feel the true family love. Our music unites us all, no matter if you are from Brazil, Ecuador,

Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, it just doesn’t matter. Our sports lift our spirits so high, that we breath and

sweat as if we were the players on a court on a championship match. We live our sports, we live our food, we live our heritage every day, it doesn’t even matter if we move from our mother land, and go live somewhere else in the world, we always find our roots and bring our heritage to teach others our cultures and way of life, it’s like farming

around the world, we bring our love, peace and happiness to everyone around us!