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Treating your Business like a Professional Sports Team!

Hut, hut, hut, blue 31, blue 31. If you have played the game of football in the past, you will probably understand. This is a quarterback call to let his team of an upcoming play which the opposing team might not know. In business and sports the playbook is the same, you need to score to win on both elements. So how do we compare sports with business? Well, for example, you can compare a good Manager with a good quarterback, let me explain myself. Your Manager in Business let’s say a restaurant with 13 employees. Your Manager is the quarterback of the operation because he is making all the critical calls to make sure the restaurant is working like is supposed to be. Any mistakes he could loose his job. In a real-world National Football Team, if the quarterback does not perform like he is supposed to play, he could lose his job as well. Look at NFL Quarterback Tom Brady, he is five times Super Bowl Champion, fifteen divisional titles, play in eight Super Bowls and the list of achievements its incredible. But for Tom Brady to be where he is at, it took mentorship and hard work and discipline too. Wow, all those three qualities you can find them in business too!

No matter the business you are in, if you treat your business like a championship sports team, you can drive results maybe larger than expected from your business. If you like baseball, you can treat your business like a baseball team, who is your manager? Who’s is that pitcher that makes your business hit sales goals month after month? Who is that short stop that protect your business from low productivity issues. Ask yourself, who is that play maker? Playmakers can break or make a team in either business or sports. But again, what is your game plan? You must have a solid game plan to make things happen. In sports players train every week three or four times a week, I am not saying you should train your employees three or four times per were in other to perform at a consistent level, but rather make plans to continually train your employees to have a strong and efficient operation and profitable business. Take sample of the military, they always train to make sure everyone is not only familiar with their jobs but additionally to become an expert at their field. Can you imagine if everyone in your business was an expert at what they do? Your business not only will be solid but will be strong and very profitable. So, ask yourself a very important question, who are the playmakers in my business?