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Is Fake it until you make it, the right expression of confidence?

It is my point of view as a successful entrepreneur that the phrase “Fake it until you make it”, which has been around for quite some time is an expression of trying to express and insist others a word of wisdom to inspire people to keep fighting the good fight of progress. On my pure instinct as a person, I don’t fake it until I make it, but rather “act like the real me to conquer the road to success”. You are working harder faking the person you want to be. What you want to be is to start acting like the person you want to be. If you act like the person you want to be, you will get to your destination faster. Now, let me explain. Our brains are wired on the negative side of things for survival. Your brain, like my brain is telling me to be safe in all situations. That is why is very important to train our brains in the importance of what we really want to accomplish in life. If you worry you are going to fall in the lake if you get too close to it, if you are going to crash if you buy a brand-new motorcycle, you want to try avocado for the first time, but your brain is telling you no. Get my picture. You can walk safely by the edge of the lake, you can safely ride your motorcycle, and you can try avocado, what if you like it, you would have never known if did not try it. Our brains are wired with a safety net. It is up to you to change that mindset.

Do you think successful people did not worry about making hard decisions? I bet you their brains were screaming and shouting all the time telling them not to take that extra step. But they did it anyways and were successful. So, what is stopping you? Don’t let your brains fool you my friend. Now, if your gut is telling you otherwise, trust your gut feelings. When you train yourself to make decisions quickly and you reprogram your brains to be successful, you will be making a lot of more intelligent decisions in life. How do we train our brains to be more efficient? you may ask. Well, meditation for sure is a great way to train your brains. Additionally, there are many other ways you can find on how to train your brain in many interesting books. The more you read, the more you become knowledgeable on training your brain. If you want to be successful in life, and have a goal in mind, the best tool will be to visualize that dream or goal in your mind, by taking 45 seconds or maybe just a minute first thing in the morning after you wake up. Having a vivid picture of what you want to accomplish in life is an excellent tool. Have a mental picture of that goal, maybe is a farm, maybe is brand new car, maybe is helping others. You can visualize almost anything you want. So, do me a favor my friend, “don’t fake it until you make it, but rather act like the person or role you want to be until you make it”.

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